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Monday, June 10, 2002

Today Bugsy, our 7-month-old all breeds dog, is a the vet's becoming a eunuch. Events like this evidence the differences between human males and females. For me, it simply racks up as another errand to perform. Any deprivation involved is that the genes that make Bugsy neat won't be passed on to other dogs and thus to other homes. For Mike, my husband, a sense of guilt balloons for depriving Bugsy of a fundamental right as a male. His words as we left were, "I told you to enjoy it while you could, Bugsy!"

I bonded with Bugsy by email, which is amazing in that I'm not an animal person. The fact we have ample dogs and cats at our home before him resulted from my concessions rather than my advocacy. It wasn't hard to fall for him, though. The first introduction was from Jeffrey:

Sam has found a puppy that I would guestimate to be about 8 weeks old. The puppy is quite obviously a stray due to the lack of collar, general dirtiness (before Sam bathed him), and the fact he whined in front of our window for around an hour before getting attention.... He is quite possibly the most affectionate dog I've ever seen (i.e. climbed to my neck and rested his chin under mine).

The little guy is/has:
Male (Sam looked at the paws)
5-6" to the shoulders
Proportionate length, approx. 8" from tail base to base of neck.

Not terribly skinny, but not really healthy weight. (very obvious when Sam was giving him a bath)
I consider the face somewhat short and stubby, but that's arguable.

Primary colors are: Tan/gray body, black face and tail, white accents on paws, nose, between the shoulder blades, and tip of tail.
Dark eyes.
His fur is on the long side and slightly shaggy, especially around limbs.
Ears are folded down and floppy.
His tail's fur is laid down and the tail curls above him ending in a sharp
Generally cute.

Sleeps a lot.
Cuddles... see "Sleeps a lot".
Playful when not sleeping.
Teething, thinks a tied up rag is his ticket to heaven.
Not potty trained.

Jeffrey and his roommate Sam couldn't keep the dog in their apartment. They took him to David's who sent a pictureBugsy and said:

Well I decided not to go into work today considering I had probably 1 hour's worth of uninterrupted sleep throughout the night. I forgot that puppies make a lot of noise when they are left alone. I have unofficially named him Duke. If he's going to mom and dad's then they can name him whatever they want. I was most amused after seeing the dog. Jeff's description of the cutest thing ever was underrated by the fact that he's not a cute dog. Just a puppy and most puppies are naturally cute. Well since I have the rest of the afternoon I'm going to work on the church's website, buy some new jeans, and get a collar and some chew toys for him to chew on instead of eating the cat's toys. Jeff put his finger really well on how my guys were acting to this new intruder. They act like they do when they have a bug or something in their house. Not quite sure what to do with it. Don't want to kill it because they can't play with it any more, but know it doesn't belong.

And that's how Bugsy came to our house and the source of his name. I hope the vet's taking good care of him.

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