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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

In My Backyard--and Yours?

Yesterday at the Abilene Public Library, I sat reading archival tapes of elected officials by county for Texas elections from 1950 through 1954. I had been surprised two tapes earlier to find Dora E. Cobb became a Justice of the Peace in my own county, Taylor County, in 1945. I asked at the Courthouse, and even longtime employees didn't know we had a woman JP that early. Then comes the shock yesterday: By the election in November of 1952, half of the eight justices of the peace in Taylor County were women! They were Mrs. J. L. Beard in Tuscola, Mrs. Ada Traylor in Bradshaw (probably--that's where she had been before although the record in 1952 shows Abilene), Mrs. N. D. Cobb of Merkel, and Mrs. J. N. Lawrence of Ship.

At this point the women judges of non-record courts are amazing me with their numbers. I've long since given up the idea of writing a biographical sketch of each of them. Now I'm hoping for those with longevity or some other special distinction, with a few others sprinkled in for the flavor. I welcome information on any of them, though. I've had great luck in getting people to find me in order to tell me about the pioneer Texas judges they know of. That's why I'm taking the step now of listing those non-record judges and special judges I've found during the time I've read tapes--from 1906 through 1954, but not counting the election of November 1954--here on public display. I'm hoping when somebody is starting in genealogy and looks up his or her grandmother's name, you'll see me and write me and tell me what you know. Here, then, is the list so far:
Ophelia "Birdy" Crosby HarwoodMunicipalMarble Falls, Burnet Co.1917
Mary C. Robertson JP Pct. 3Maverick Co., eagle pass1922
Juliet Barron Crump, Mrs. A. L.JPGaines County 1924
Beulah TaylorJPHarrison Co. (Marshall)1925
Mrs. Mary H PeelJP Pct. 8Kaufman County (Kemp)1926
Dollie M. RayJPLipscomb County1928
Mrs. Carl, Mrs. M. A. SteelmanJPHarrison Co. (Marshall)1930
Mrs. Don CrowJPBell County1931
Betty DunmanJPChambers co.1932
Mrs. A. S. CrumpJPCottle County1933
Mrs. Turner/ Lola? SadlerJP Pct. 2Comanche Co.1934
Iris Loraine Stokes (Mrs. R. F.)JP Pct. 4Randall Co.1934
Eclan SmithJP Pct. 6Robertson Co. Franklin1935
Mary M., Mrs. George L. OÂ?NealJPCrane Co1936
Rosa H., Mrs. A. S. VankirkJP Pct. 1Fannin Co. Bandera1936
Grace HoltJPRockwall Co.1937
Lillian (Mrs. Clem) BowlesJP Pct. 2Kaufman County (Forny)1938
Velma (Mrs. Fred) DavenportCounty JudgeWise (Decatur)1938
Grace Deweese SeelyJP Pct. 1Rockwall, Rockwall Co.1938
Mrs. Lena C. DullerJP Pct. 4Matagorda Co., Blessing1938
Mae Ballard FlesherJP Pct. 4Randall County1938
Elizabeth FreemanJP Pct. 1Falls Co., Marlin1938
Mrs. Jessie TunstallJP Pct. 4Ward Co., Pyote1938
Mrs. Mabel Yeates (Yeates-Dryden)JP Pct. 1Terrell Co., Sanderson1938
Miss Virginia Young/ GrangerJPBrewster Co., Marathon1938
Marion (Mrs. G. M.) FlorenceJP Pct. 2Rusk Co., Overton1939
Miss Agnes Songbird (sp?)Special Co.Gillespie Co./San Saba Co.1939
Mrs. Lizzie Hahn Columbus Co., Columbus1940
Hilda HuberJP Pct. 7Austin Co., Belleville1940
Miss Nettie KinneySpecial Co.Bexar Co.1940
Miss Ruby KoenJP Pct. 1Hamilton Co., Hamilton1940
Mrs. Z. E. ShawJP Pct. 6Hardin Co., Thicket1940
Mrs. Luis VarelaJP Pct. 3El Paso Co., Socorro1940
Miss Lucille HannoldJP Pct. 4Brewster Co., Hot Springs1941
Laura Lee Hampshire PhillipsCounty JudgeBrazoria County 1941
Mary Lee BradleyJP Pct. 4Moore Co., Sunray1942
Esma Morris CashJPGarza County1942
Mrs. A. A. GreenJP Pct. 3Brewster Co., Marathon1942
Mrs. Mildred KirkJP Pct. 1Dimmit Co., Carrizo Spg.1942
Mrs. W. E. PakersonJP Pct. 3Johnson Co., Joshua1942
Mrs. Jennie RossJP Pct. 3Clay Co., Petrolia1942
Mrs. J. M. BarronJPCottle Co., Paducah1944
Mrs. Abbie CopelandJP Pct. 7Clay Co., Shannon1944
Ella C. FischerJP Pct. 5Bexar Co., Van Ormy1944
Aileen Jo GibsonJP Pct. 3Upton Co., McCamey1944
Grace HendricksJPEctor County1944
Clarence LaGrove HollandJPPanola Co., Logansport1944
Miss Kathleen JoergesSpecialFt. Bend Co.1944
Mrs. Henrietta H. JohnsonJP Pct. 7Wilson Co., Stockdale1944
Mrs. Marion A. LawsonCo. JudgeRed River Co.1944
Mrs. Beatrice R. McCormickCo JudgeNavarro County1944
Mrs. Ellie Bonner RolstonCo. JudgeAngelina Co.1944
Mrs. C. T. TownsJP Pct. 6Robertson Co., Franklin1944
Dora E. CobbJPTaylor Co., Merkel1945
Mrs. Ollie Mae Cunningham/FlemingJP Pct. 8Callahan Co., Putnam1945
Helen WadeJP Pct. 5Carson Co., Groom1945
Hellen E. WrightJPLimestone Co., Mexia1945
Mrs. Hattie B. HuntJPKenedy Co., Armstrong1946
Mrs. Homer MoonJP 6Callahan County, Cross Plains1946
Mrs. Berneice SealeJP Pct. 1Hardin Co., Kountz1946
Pearl M. WadeJP Pct. 2Ochiltree Co., Perryton1946
Mrs. Frances WatsonJP Pct. 4Sherman Co., Stratford1946
Billie DavisJP Pct. 1Bastrop Co., Smithville1947
Mrs. J. J. LucyJP Pct. 5Gregg co., Longview1947
Mrs. Eunice or Ennis MitchellJP Pct. 6Robertson Co. Franklin1947
Mrs. Lena TullisJPKerr County, Center Point1947
Mrs. Henry A. BuskCounty JudgeRobertson County1948
Mrs. J. H. CraigJP Pct. 8Ellis Co., Italy1948
Mrs. L. O. FowlerJP Pct. 5Tarrant Co., Ft. Worth1948
Mrs. Jim HollemanJP Pct. 1Leon Co., Centerville1948
Mrs. Johnnie Johnson SweetenCo. JudgeEdwards County, Rock Springs1948
Mrs. Dora RogersJP Pct. 3Palo Pinto Co., Gordon1948
Mrs. Ada N. TraylorJP Pct. 4Taylor Co., Bradshaw1948
Lena YorkJP Pct. 3Jack Co., Jacksboro1948
Miss Anne DavisSpecial1949
Bonita Moore PotterJPPotter County1949
Vera P. StreetSpecialKaufman Co.1949
Mrs. Fay CastleberryJP Pct. 3Van Zandt Co., Wills Point1950
Mrs. Zela S. CathingsJP Pct. 1 Place 2Johnson Co., Cleburn1950
Mrs. R. E. FranklowJP Pct. 1Walker Co., Huntsville1950
Mrs. R. M. LeathCo. JudgeRusk Co., Henderson1950
Helen LeeJP Ochiltree Co., Perryton1950
Mrs. W. P. MidkiffCo. JudgeGonzales County1950
Mrs. W. H. NeimeyerJP Pct. 8Van Zandt Co., Edgewood1950
Mrs. John StarnesJP Pct. 2Madison Co., Midway1950
Mrs. Stephen TuckerJP Pct. 1Harrison Co., Elysian Fields1950
Mrs. Alma WaltersJP Pct. 4Crane Co1950
Mrs. Ivy WilkinsonJP 1 place 1Potter Co., Amarillo1950
Mrs. J. L. BeardJP Pct. 2Taylor Co., Tuscola1951
Bernice J. AllenJP Pct. 5McClennan County, McGregor1952
Mildred BarnesJP 1 place 1Rockwall, Rockwall Co.1952
Mrs. Edmundo BarreraJP Pct. 1Jim Hogg Co., Hebbronville1952
Mrs. M. E. BroomeJP Pct. 1 Place 1Rusk Co., Henderson1952
Charlye O. FarrisSpecial County JudgeWichita County1952
Mrs. Emmie K. FountainJP Pct. 1Orange County, Orange1952
Mrs. H. H. JanszenJPJim Wells Co., Orange Grove1952
Mrs. Earl C. JonesJP Pct. 4Limestone Co., Mexia1952
Mrs. J. N. LawrenceJP Pct. 8Taylor Co., Shep1952
Jettie Lee LockhartJP 2Crane Co1952
Mrs. Estelle Le SassierJP Pct. 1Falls Co., Reagan1952
Jean StrawnCounty JudgeArcher County1952
Miranda (Mrs. C. C.) TravisJP Pct. 3Nacogdoches Co., Garrison1952
Mrs. Edward VaughnJP Pct. 2Winkler Co., Kermit1952
Louise SharpJP Pct. 5Calhoun Co., Port O'Connor1952
Mrs. Lucille BurnapJP Pct. 6Williamson Co., Taylor1953
Mrs. D. M. CampbellJP Dawson Co., Lamesa1954
Ann GreenMunicipal JudgeHouston1954
Mrs. E. A. VanceJP Pct. 1Gray Co., Lefors1954

In case you're counting, that makes 108 on this list, but my whole list, including judges of courts of record and others I know of that fit in non-record courts but I've not reached in the archives yet total 176. It is a daunting task, but they deserve it. They won't be forgotten if I can get somebody to remember them and let me write down the knowledge.

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