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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Step by step.

I've completed sixteen days now on the Metabolic Research Center (MRC) program. While I could wish--heck, while I do wish it had corrected in the sixteen days at least the decadence and pounds since February, I'm pretty well satisfied. Nope, I'm quite content. I've lost 13.5 pounds in that time. While some of it was water weight, still, the results are gratifying, and for once, first time in a long time, I'm being perfect with the program. I was proud of myself the other night when I met Jodi Thomas and her friend Natalie, as well as visiting with several of my friends. We went to the Town Crier and I got grilled cod, ignoring the rice under it. At the salad bar I passed up my all-time favorite food from almost any eating place and in particular the Town Crier, pickled watermelon rind. Don't make fun of it until you've tried it! Yummy! Actually, I'm not sure if it's pickled or preserved or candied or what, but it's wonderful. Anyway, I got lettuce, tomatoes, and other acceptable raw vegetables, used cottage cheese for the "dressing" and chomped my way through it. I can't say I enjoyed it, but I was chuffed with myself on finishing the meal. The green beans had bacon in them which I extracted, and I pulled from my purse the melba toast I brought instead of eating some of the hot golden rolls. All in all, it wasn't the best meal I've ever eaten, but had I eaten everything I wanted there, I wouldn't remember one bit of it now, except maybe the guilt, so all is well.

The whole process has me a bit breathless. That's only in part because of the weight loss--more of it is that I've promised myself a prize of some kind (maybe a PDR, probably a printer) if for four weeks in a row I climb the stairs to my fifth floor office five times a week and go to the gym twice weekly. It's Tuesday afternoon, and I've got most of Wednesday's stair climbing done. I'll finish this and a few more things before heading to the gym. I'm going to fit one of the dresses even if I don't grow the 8 or 9 inches. Step by step.

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