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Friday, August 06, 2004

Twenty Seven Years and Counting

I expected my first child to come during law school summer school finals the last week of June, 1977. He wasn't due until July 11, and I was actually hoping he'd come July 7, to make his birthday 7/7/77, but he came none of those times. I wasn't going to summer school the second summer semester. I didn't work, either, because Larry Niemann told me he just wasn't comfortable with my coming to work that pregnant, to go home and come back when I could, which was going to be after I took the fall semester off from both job and law school as well. It was twenty-seven days later, after the due date, that David Michael Rollins appeared. He has been a joy since that time, at least by far the vast majority of the time.

Right about now, ten minutes before three in the afternoon, David's father's prediction came true. We got that baby here so we wouldn't have to break in a new batch of nurses. His father would add that he was born in the shadow of the tower of the University of Texas. David would say, "Whoop! Gig 'em Aggies!"

I say, "Happy Birthday, David!"

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