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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Young Wives' Tales

Having married at the age of 27 and passed my 30th anniversary, there's no way to even think I might be classified as a young wife. However, since I don't fit the alternative of an old wife, I will therefore claim the ill-fitting title.

Old wives' tales are marvelous! Some you know. If you want to know a great many more, I highly recommend Elaine Coleman's book Texas Frontier Foods. There you can learn not only how our grandmothers cooked and lived but how they used onion tea to help a sick child sleep; made cough medicine of beechwood creosote, glycerine; and wild cherry syrup, polished furniture with beeswax, paste wax, and turpentine, etc.

Anyway, I thought I'd share three tips for "young" wives I've found handy in the last few weeks.
  • Getting out stains. Use equal parts of Tide with bleach, Cascade, and Biz. Place these and water in the tub of a washing machine and agitate it briefly. Go back every hour or two and agitate again for a minute or two. Leave it overnight, then finish the cycle. You'll be absolutely amazed at the stains this can get out. I tried one of two stained hot pads, and the result is pictured to the right.
  • Removing label glue from plastic. We'd had a bottle for well over a year, and we didn't use it much because try as we might we couldn't get off the glue residue. Finally I remembered fingernail polish remover works, and it did!
  • There was another, but this young wife's mind isn't like it used to be. When the short-term memory returns, I'll tell you what it was.

Have a happy.

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