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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I'm a Believer

I'm in my 51st day of Metabolic Research Center's weight loss program. During the first seven weeks, I lost 22 pounds. That means I have fit within the advertised range of losing 3 to 5 pounds a week, though I'm at the low end. (3.1428571428571428571428571428571 but who's counting?) I'm pleased with the process, pleased with the outcome so far, though I'm still kicking myself for having to re-lose those 22 and some more to come in order to get back where I left off in February when I fell from another wagon headed the same direction. I'm a believer in the MRC program. Yet more than that, I've become a believer in the necessity of drinking water.

Almost immediately after I started the MRC program, including stopping drinking coffee (OUCH!!!!) and consuming a bare minimum of 64 ounces of water a day, I began having trouble with my eyes. They simply hurt all the time, and by the end of the day they got to the point they simply refused to focus some of the time. I couldn't stand it and went to see Dr. Russell Dressen. He went through the old "this one or that one" routine for a while and got to the point I could see again through his machine. He'd been making some surprised sounds while he did it, and when he reached the optimal position of all the dials told me my eyes had significantly improved. He also said I was so new on the program I needed to continue with it a while before he changed the prescription so he wouldn't waste my money. Now isn't that the kind of optometrist you want to go to? YES! But that meant I had to wait a while before I got the new glasses, and my eyes really hurt. I went home and pulled out the pair of glasses the last pair replaced, and they felt better, though not just right. I went back again in about two more weeks and got a new prescription and new glasses. He said the main difference was the water consumption, that it had significantly affected my stigmatism. The woman who filled the prescription also remarked about the significant change and how much thinner these glasses would be. Dr. Dressen said since I take thyroid medication and have for 24 years, that the thyroid level also effects the eyes, that water affects the thyroid, etc. I know it's kind of a circle, and I may have to get another pair of glasses when the whole mess settles down. That's especially true after the research I did on the Internet this morning getting ready to write about eyes and water.

I found "The Water Cure." Check out these web sites for information about water, the eyes, and the body benefits from reduced caffeine and mega quantities of water:

I have committed myself to drinking 120 ounces of water a day. Yes, that's virtually two gallons. I started out 51 days ago working on at least 64. Lately I've been drinking two liters and figuring I got another one in the other water I drink through the day, at breakfast and evening with pills and heated in my coffee cup to make believe I still drink coffee. That means as of today I'll raise that (I do hate "up" as a verb, and I refuse to use it!) to three liters plus the extra. It will also increase my exercise level, of course, and it could shorten some hearings, but I'll report back to you on all the other benefits drinking water is supposed to bring. If I have time between drinking and the referenced exercise. Just believe.

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