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Thursday, October 28, 2004


Is it possible to be a World Series nut and not watch baseball the rest of the year? I must be. This year it started with the pennant race between the Yankees and Red Sox. I was in Quanah at my parents' house Wednesday evening, Oct. 20. I was distressed his new television system, now satellite, doesn't get Fox which was broadcasting the game. I settled for knowing the score before I went to bed. Actually, I don't have a compelling need to watch, just to know the score. That's weird, isn't it? Anyway, I was quite pleased with the last eight games, with the Red Sox coming from three down for the first time in playoff history to win a seven game series. Adding the next four was the icing on the cake. I particularly enjoyed the conjunction of the first lunar eclipse of the moon during a world series game with the ending of the Curse of the Bambino.

It's been a pretty stellar week for me in lots of ways, just little ones really, but pleasant. I had good news from the IRS, which of course is amazing of and by itself. I had good news at MRC, having lost 29.5 pounds. I'm disappointed I lacked that other little half a pound, but that will come next time. I'm below the 3-5 pounds a week they talk about, since I'm at about 10.7 weeks, but I'm not particularly disappointed. I got new ribbon for my bow, a total of 34.5 inches lost. The only disappointment there was they gave me a different kind of ribbon and it didn't work with what was already there, so I replaced it all with one kind I had, measuring the three different pieces to match what had been given me. It does make a nice bow, looking considerably better on the steering wheel than the inches did on me, I think.

This has taken two days to write and I still haven't said anything so I'll quit.

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