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Monday, November 15, 2004

Earthworms on the Ark

The total rainfall in Abilene for certain years was:

Those are the wettest years in recorded history and the only years to exceed the rainfall to date of 33.07 inches. We lack 47 days counting today, and it's raining today and should tomorrow as well. October, 2004, with 8.11 inches was the 4th wettest month in the history of Abilene, 5.21 inches above the monthly normal of 2.90. The normal to date is 21.93, so we're at about 150%.

Not that I'm complaining. When I went to school in Nashville, Tennessee, it seemed like it rained every day. Lots of the folks there in the little school known as Scarritt College for Christian Workers got tired of it. I never did. How can you get tired of rain?

However, we are a dry and arid land, at least under normal circumstances, and the plants and creatures expect a dry and arid land. That's even more true now than on an "average" year since we're coming out of a drought. Nobody is griping, not even the earthworms. They are, however, looking out for themselves. This morning there were more than 10 easily visible on the patio, some all the way up to the carpet meaning they had to crawl more than ten feet across cement to get away from the dirt and keep from drowning.

It does answer one mystery question you might have pondered. Or not. That is how Noah got the earthworm representatives on the ark. I know now. He waited until the rain started and they volunteered.

Stay dry. Or not.

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