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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I Can Do It! (Or in the alternative "I thought I could.")

Those of you who would fit the two categories of "normal readers" and "computer gurus" I mentioned yesterday will grin or grimace. However, some of you (not those two, also known as my sons) will be impressed, almost as much as I am. I figured out the search problem I had yesterday. Well, like the title says, I am open to being proven wrong. But check this out:
Search all of 

Put the word "Bugsy" in the form, or some other word that I use in my blog but not on genealogy pages, and see if it works. I'm interested especially if Google is not your default search engine. If it works for you, I've got it solved and can delete the bar up top. I'm not that sure yet, though, so humor me for a while. Thanks.

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