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Monday, January 31, 2005

Putting January to Bed

I've written little in January, none in the past two and a half weeks. Part of January I want to remember forever...
  • my first trip to Italy!
  • the taste of Italian amaretto gelato! (ice cream)
  • the Alps through the window of the air plane, blue, white, and magnificent!
  • many of the people I met, especially Joanne and Mercedes!
  • the sense of peace and well-being I experienced at the Basicilica of Saint Anthony of Padua!
  • the leaning bell tower at Pisa, jumping out of all the pictures through all the years and appearing through the rain before my eyes!
  • David! Moses! The Pieta! The Sistine Chapel!
  • the woman feeding cats at sunset at the Roman Coliseum!
Yes, this has truly been a memorable January. I'll have to work, though, to make these delightful recollections take the place of others I have not enjoyed so much. Those I'll not highlight, not dwell on. I'll just mention they include falling at the Coliseum; meeting caring and professional Italian doctors who stitched my head; the longest birthday of my life, 31 hours, starting with a 3:30 a.m. wake-up call and much of it with two black eyes and an aching head confined to an aisle-less seat on the airplane; wrecking my car; my first CT Scan; developing my invisible friend, a floater I've named Giuseppe for an Italian who created puppets without strings; and living in (a single room of) a house being remodeled.

All in all, January has been good. All in all, I'm grateful that January will soon be over. Long live February!

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