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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Thermometers, ironing, and postage stamps

The tremendous loss of life in southeast Asia, the more moderate but just as devastating to families death of ten people in the California mud slide, are heart wrenching. Even the survivors who did not lose family or friends will never look at life the same in light of the loss of property. Knowing people who have survived their home burning even many years ago, I know the deprivation of everything a person owned touches that person's life forever.

Knowing these things, I feel guilty even thinking about missing little things like thermometers, ironing, and postage stamps. Still, I can't change the fact I have felt discomboobilated by the lack of such things, even temporarily. The reason for the loss is my own doing. I signed a contract agreeing to it. Our house is being remodeled. We're replacing the flooring throughout the house. For the most part, carpet is being replaced by ceramic tile. We'll also have new countertops in the kitchen as well as new hardware, hopefully some that actually keeps a door closed once it is pushed that direction. In the bathrooms faucets that are caroded through in places will be replaced with new. It should be a fine looking house by the time Jeffrey and Samantha are married there in March. In the meantime, I've looked for the thermometer that stays beside the thermostat, the one we trust when we don't believe the built-in one. I'm panicking when I can't find hanging clothes that after questions finally appear inside a bedroom, relieving me of the fear of telling hubby he has to take a trip without his favorite shirt. I looked for his medicine yesterday and found it; I didn't even bother looking for postage stamps, instead using some that had been in my billfold since 23 cent stamps actually had a designated use. I know where the roll is. I also know what's between me and it as I stand in that bedroom. Last night the only place that felt like home was our bedroom and to a lesser extent the kitchen. Still, it will all be worthwhile, and I'll be better able to sympathize with victims of disasters that are not self-imposed. So, just where is an envelope to use with the 46 cents of postage?

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