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Monday, March 21, 2005

Life Goes On, Here and Hereafter

Today I intended to write of the joyous weekend at my house. It is such a delight to have Samantha Rollins (the name just flows, doesn't it?) as my daughter, in law and in love. I'm looking forward to adding Desirée Rollins to the list in July, as well. It was indeed a weekend of love and peace at the Rollins household. Before I wrote of it, though, I learned of the worsening condition of my dear friend Terrie Murray.

Al, Terrie's husband, has posted to her blog that she is leaving us. I knew she was striving against tremendous odds these last weeks. She didn't beat them.

She wrote the first week of April last year, "This last week I had another set of chest x-rays, and a CT scan. The preliminary results show that I have either some sort of very weird infection in my chest, or, more likely, lymphoma." The diagnosis when it came was Hodgkins Lymphoma. She finished her first batch of chemotherapy July 29. On August 12, she was pronounced to be in remission. On September 20, she learned the Hodgkins had recurred. After a second round of chemo, etc., didn't improve her condition, lately they've tried to build her strength sufficient for a bone marrow transplant. Her kidneys failed on Friday, and the steps they could take were not sufficient to revive them.

She's in God's loving hands now. As for me, I'm going to live my own life better in her honor. I'm going to do what needs to be done now, to go places and experience things that raise peoples' eyebrows (including Oaxaca, Mexico, which she loved so!). I'm going to make the time I have count, and I'm going to be as good a friend to others as she's been to me.

It seemed appropriate to quote the third chapter of Ecclesiastes. In looking for that, though, I found today's devotional on Our Daily Bread. A bumpy road, indeed.

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