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Monday, April 04, 2005

The Monolith is Dead

Many years ago--maybe twenty--the boys were young and little and Mike traveled a lot with his job. Mike had a new building in the backyard that needed a porch. I decided the boys and I would build it while he was gone and surprise him. Surprise him, we managed. Please him? Not really. He felt the salesman had sold me a bill of goods, telling me the plywood I bought for the porch floor would withstand weather since it was "weatherized." He also thought it was a bit large--made out of 2 x 12 pieces of lumber with 3/4 inch plywood on top. It certainly was large. It really was heavy. And Mike really was right about the plywood. I named it the monolith because of its size. That was way before 2001 the year but not too terribly long after the movie by that name. The monolith was about as big and about as useful as the one in the movie. Albatross would have been another name for it. Still, although it had long since started to rot, we brought it to this house about 10 years ago. It leaned up against the building and rotted, helped along by termites.

Finally on Sunday, we decided the termites had done enough damage we could pull it apart. We did, and it's gone. Unfortunately, it probably never will be forgotten by four of us.

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