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Friday, July 22, 2005

David and/or Dezi Stories?

Tonight is the Rehearsal Dinner. The Wedding is tomorrow. Tonight we're supposed to tell our favorite David and/or Dezi stories. Well, Dezi stories aren't too hard, since I've known her less than three years. But in two weeks I'll have known David 28 years, and that doesn't count the extra ten months. (He was stubborn from the start, 27 days late.) I thought about telling the first David story, about when he was born in the shadow of the University of Texas tower then went home from the hospital in a TU shirt. I thought of telling how his father told him and his brother they were going to go to college and that Dad would pay for it anywhere but A&M. I considered telling of when David said he wanted to go to a good college like Harvard or Texas Tech. I thought about saying how he got into his first preference and that his father wrote all the checks but never capitalized an a or an m in the title.

I also considered talking about how the soon to be Eagle Scout, Vigil Honors Order of the Arrow went to Boy Scout camp as a counselor and kind of "accidentally" got his hair all shaved. I thought about his going to the pound to get a kitten and adopting the pitiful one with a broken or deformed leg because he figured nobody else was going to take Trixy. (The pathetic female kitten we adopted became a healthy and huge male who lived a long and good life.) I thought about graduation when there were car problems and we went to pick up his car from the serviceman. When asked what color the car was we answered at the same time. But I said "Red" and David said "Maroon." I thought about a somewhat earlier trip to College Station when we'd talked to David from three in the morning and got there after he had surgery and was the butt on funny jokes he'd just as soon not remember tonight.

I considered telling of David's job at Marconi when he announced that he had gone to school four years, played with computers, and gotten a degree, and now he got to play with computers and get a check and it was wonderful!

There are lots and lots of David stories. But I think I'll tell the first David and Dezi story tonight. I knew David was giddy with his new friend, but I hadn't met her. One Friday evening, late, he called and asked what we were doing that weekend. I said nothing much, and he said then "we" would come on Saturday. I didn't ask. I didn't have to. I knew exactly who "we" were. Something he said made me believe they would be there Saturday afternoon, so I spent Saturday morning busily cleaning house. About eleven, I called and asked where they were and he said "Eastland." Oops! That meant they would be there for lunch. I got busy in the kitchen and got lunch ready when they got there. As we were standing there, first introductions over, ready to go to the table, I asked Dezi if she had any food allergies or preferences. She looked kind of surprised and said, "I'm a vegetarian." David looked kind of sheepish and said, "I didn't tell you that, did I?"

Nope, he didn't. But she was gracious as always, and she can not eat meat at my house any day at all, and I hope she does for the next fifty years.

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