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Monday, July 25, 2005

Married and Matched

I find it fascinating that David Michael Rollins and his new bride Desirée Michelle Muse Rollins now have the same initials. Talk about a matched pair. Of course it would not appear to be the truth from looking at them. He's big, she's tiny. He enjoys steak, ribs, chicken, lots of stuff, and she enjoys lots of stuff, just no meat. Still, they now are DMR together, sailing on the at least temporarily calm seas of the Caribbean.

I've put up some of the pictures I took of the rehearsal, the rehearsal dinner, preparations for the wedding, picture taking, and the reception. The quality isn't great in many--okay, probably most. It got worse as the evening went on, but the marguaritas were great!

I want to thank Terri and Jerry Muse for everything they did. The event was absolutely perfect, thanks to a few thousand hours of hard work. My hat's off to you both as well as to David and Dezi.

As for the dancing, I wasn't about to win any contests with my ability, but that's not what it was about. I didn't fall, and I actually enjoyed it--at least when we were through. Thanks, David! Welcome, Desirée Rollins!

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