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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Mind the Gap

I love London. I love the tubes, the two story buses, the organized madness of people moving through the tube stations sticking the card in a machine and picking it up on the way through without breaking stride. I love the signs that say "Ever Dreamt of Travelling Further Than Zone 6?" and "We would ask you kindly when leaving the premises, to show consideration for the tenants, and to leave quietly" and "The Pavement Tables are only for the use of our Customers who have paid to 'Eat in'." Especially, I love the sign and announcements, "Mind the Gap" warning you not to get caught in the space between the platform and the tube.

I love Londoners and the British people as a whole. And I hate what happened this morning. My heart goes out to you.

There are too many gaps in London today. I wish the populace well, I wish peace and safety. And I would urge my friends there, known and unknown, to Mind the Gap.

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