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Friday, July 29, 2005

What a Place to Work!

I wandered into the outer office from my judge's chambers this morning to get a cup of coffee. In the process, I learned a new vocabulary term. Dope Fiend Rental. The context was that some car thieves told their friends that's the source of the stolen car they were driving, that a dope fiend wanted some dope and traded the temporary use of his car for the immediate possession of drugs.

My husband this morning commented about a prison escape and recapture, asked if "they" really think they'll get away. I said yes, because they don't think past the next thirty minutes. I told him of a conversation relayed to me by an attorney about a juvenile he represented. When he told the young man there was no use having a subsequent detention hearing, that there was a 99% chance I'd keep him there, the kid heard that there was one chance in a hundred I'd let him go, and we had the hearing. I kept him. I don't blame him for exercising his right, though. I know lots of those kids have a hearing every two weeks because that's a way they can get their parents to come out and visit them. Sad. Still, many of them are far better off locked up than they are at home. They have regular meals, safety, a decent bed, clean clothes, and people who care about them. That should describe home, but when it doesn't, JDC (Juvenile Detention Center) isn't such a bad place.

I can't think of any other place where there would be funnier and more interesting tidbits of conversation to wander through. What a job! What a world! What a place to work!

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