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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Growing Kids Growing Veggies

I received a delightful gift yesterday delivered by three youth from the local Post-Adjudication Unit. These kids, on probation for offenses, are in a residential facility I help run with the other local judges. They had grown vegetables and written a poem which they presented to me. Their poem reads:
Honorable Judge Rollins

We tilled, hoed, raked, and
dropped the seeds.
We knelt down for hours, just
to pull the neverending weeds.

Our hands were raw and blistered
As we continuously dug.
We scratched to fight off
all the bugs.

We sang, talked, and caressed
all of our plants
we even got out there and
did a little rain dance.

For all the time we spent
underneath the sky thats blue
Here's a little sample of the
things that we grew.

      From the Kids in Post Aug. "2005"

My response to them was also in verse:
For the Kids in Post, August, 2005
From Judge Rollins

If a seed falls to ground
where it lands, left to chance,
then a plant might be found,
then a bloom could advance.

Chances are it will not,
most such seeds never root.
Without care, sad’s the lot
of the could-have-been shoot.

Plant a seed, watch it grow,
pull the weeds, give it room.
Quench its thirst nice and slow
so one day it may bloom.

Like a seed, so a child
needs a hand’s tender care.
Left to chance, to grow wild,
life may seem tough to bear.

If it hurts when the weeds
are pulled up, twigs are pruned,
know we care for your needs,
that your lives be well tuned.

Thanks for your kind and thoughtful gift!

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