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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Don't pay the ransom!

No, nobody has kidnapped me. I didn't drown in the wonderful water I've been around. There's nothing wrong and in fact, lots of things are extremely right. So it's time for me to tell you about some of them.

We took a great trip during the last two days of October and the first half of November. The pictures are multitudinous, but a representative sample are online. We flew to Budapest, cruised up the Danube, stopping at Vienna, then in Germany Passau, Regensberg, Nuremberg, Bamberg, Rothenburg, Wertheim, Heidelberg, Rodenburg, Kobletz, and Cologne. During that trip we switched from the Danube to the Danube/Main/Rhine Canal, then floating down the Main and the Rhine until we left the boat in Amsterdam. There we spent two more nights, and I explored Jaanzdam and Edam with others from the trip. We were more than ready to come home and pick up the dogs and get ready for Thanksgiving, but we'd jump at the chance to take just such a trip again.

The rest of November seemed to evaporate. We got home after two in the morning the 17th, having had a delay in D.C. making it take as long or longer to get from Dulles to Dallas than it did from Amsterdam to Dulles. Somehow Mike manages to drive home after such marathons. I certainly couldn't do it. The next morning we got up and Mike was home from picking up the dogs from two different places by 8:15. We met as I was going to the courthouse for a long hard day of work. Fortunately the decision making wasn't so much of a challenge the jet lag prevented justice, and by Friday I was in much better shape. The next Wednesday Mike and I went to Quanah for Thanksgiving where my sisters and most of our children gathered. The table Mother thought would always be too long has long since passed the point of holding us. We add the kitchen table and a double card table to the end, and we had seating for the two "parentals," four daughters, three sons in law, seven grandchildren, four grandchildren in laws, two fiancés, and four great grandchildren. It was grand as well as great.

Saturday, we had a smaller gathering at our house, and I fixed Bavarian food in honor of the trip. For the most part the food was appreciated and the visiting was top notch. It was great to have David and Dezi for the whole holiday.

Mike's birthday was Thursday. He and his mother and sister celebrated that one. Several of our friends had a party for him yesterday at noon, and it was great fun with delightful people. He came home with goodies for himself as well as for the dogs. Today we went to an estate sale for an old friend of ours and got things we needed to have something of hers. Mine is more delightful than I could have imagined. It is a ring bigger than I ever would have considered wearing, but I'm wearing it and it's fine and I will certainly enjoy it, even more because it was Bernice's. On the way home, we stopped once more and Mike bought himself some clothes for his birthday, so that three-day celebration was a great success.

Life is good. I'm grateful for it and for the friends and family I share it with.

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