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Friday, January 20, 2006

One Year Later

It's 6:30 here, so it's something like 1:30 A.M. in Rome. A year ago I was getting home--to the hotel--from the hospital after having fallen at the Coliseum and gotten nine stitches and an x-ray of my head which, Mike says, showed nothing. Well, that's pretty much what the doctor said as well. At least that's what I think he said. My Spanish and his Italian got us some distance, and our guide Mercedes Medici was a dear and tried to be with Mike and with me when they wouldn't let Mike and me be together.

Two days later we flew home. It was my 58th birthday and the longest day I can remember, in that we gained those seven hours and the fun of the trip and excitement of seeing Rome that had gotten me through the 21st wasn't there any more. It was a long day, but I kind of forgot that birthday and had to work on getting my mind to understand indeed I had aged another marker.

At home the doctor here did a cat-scan and again, found nothing up there. The same was not true of my optician. I called him one morning to tell him of a new pet resident in my eye. He said come "right now" which I did, and then he explained my new--and only--floater. I named the floater Guido and he remains with me to this day.

So does the sensation of something being wrong in that part of my forehead. Visually, you can see the scar if you get close enough, but I've stopped putting extra makeup on it and the picture on the right was taken a couple of weeks ago by Pam Johnson, Mike's cousin. It's not obvious from the outside, just the inside. How did that happen? If you don't know the magic vitamin E works on places that will end up being scars, learn it now. With Mike's surgical wound we used the pills and cut them open a couple of times a day to smear the liquid. For me, I found that Walgreen's sells the stuff in a small bottle, much neater! Either way, faithfully putting it on the area minimizes the scar.

A friend who is lots like me in lots of way recently fell and hurt herself. She said she realized why she fell. Her mind was far away from what her feet were doing. I think that describes me. I'm really not klutzy, thought I've fallen in Rome and in Amsterdam. I'm just distracted, but oh, what a distraction!

I guess I'm left with a good story, and neat memories. What more could you want?

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