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Friday, June 02, 2006

The High Road to the Highlands.

Normally when I take trips, I'm silent about it on this blog because I don't want to announce to the world my house will be empty. Since I'm about to take a trip and my husband and the dogs will remain at the house, here comes the announcement. I'll leave tomorrow morning to fly to DFW then to Atlanta, to Gatwick airport outside of London, then to Inverness. There Bettsy Paige and I will spend a delightful week doing something--we just haven't set the plans for what that will be!

We do know we'll visit the town of Dingwall where some of her ancestors resided and where a children's book yet to be written by me is set. (Actually, I've written the part set in Texas, and the title, tentatively, is It's Dingwall, Y'all!) We intend to visit one of the Rotary clubs and to spot Nessie. Other plans exist, too ephemeral to capture in pixels yet.

You can learn what they are when we discover them by returning to this blog through the week to check. In the meantime, "We'll take the high road" and see you when the high road and the low road meet in the Highlands!

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