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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Thanks to Sachin and Whatever Gods May Be!

Awful event: I got up from my chair last night, ready to put the computer down, but not turning it off because I was going to take it to the bedroom to function as a radio. I rocked on the cord and the computer went off like a power failure, no notice, no explanation, no apologies, no saving somewhere else the mass of work I'd done the four hours previous.

Discouraging event: Got up in the night to try it again and it didn't work. Warranty? When did the year end? October something 2006.

Good news: October 11, 2006.

Thanks to Sachin and Whatever Gods May Be! Chatting with Dell: Somebody named Sachin who uses enough incorrect syntax to give away that he's not native to the language fixed my computer. They're sending me a new power cord, but it certainly wasn't obvious until I jumped through his hoops that there was any life in the computer at all. I didn't lose anything. Whew!

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