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Friday, November 03, 2006

Buenas Dias de Leon, Mexico

So far we haven't seen the indigent part of the population but instead have had a grand time with generous and delightful Rotarians and their spouses. We all went to dinner last night and ate the whole caboodle, including a Kahlua
dessert to die for. The only problem was we finished eating the massive
supper about 10 p.m. after getting up at 5:15 and doing a bit of

We're having a great time. There are 12 of us from Rotary District 5790,
most from the metroplex, two from Wichita Falls, and Bettsy and me
representing the southwest corner, Abilene.

Today we'll go to a place I can't come up with the name of, a touristy
place which was an old silver mine. Then this afternoon we'll put together
about 300 wheelchairs we'll give away tomorrow.

More to come, but first more going to do.

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