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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Wheelchair Day

Yesterday we drove to Guanajunto, saw the magnificent sites of the city, hiked to most of them, and got back exhausted before going to the civic center here in Leon to put together wheelchairs. They were "some assemply required" but by the time you do the very minor assemply and take 380 of them out of boxes and move them to a location from which they'll be given away today, it was a job. Fortunately we had something like 20 teens who were perpetual motion machines. The Rotarians, as one pointed out, tend to be Type A people, and we didn't piddle either, but it would have gone on until now putting them together without the teens. For dinner last night, we ate lighter than we've been doing but when terimasu was offered for dessert, Bettsy and I had that in Wayne's honor.

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