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Sunday, December 31, 2006

It's been a while. The internet cafe near the hotel, the one I used the first night, has stairs I didn't want to fall down or up, so I decided not to go there again. The second night I tried another, and it said it was open late but at 8:30 it was closed. Last night the kids and I tried to go back to the first one, and he was closing and didn't let us. Tonight we've walked and walked and stumbled on this one.

On Friday we went to the Tower of London, Kensington Palace, Handel's house, and the Sherlock Holmes museum. Yesterday we went to Windsor Palace and the London Acquarium. We ended up at the crypt of St. Martin of the Fields Church. They know how to use a church building. The London Brass rubbing center was there, and we had a free brass rubbing that Dezi desperately wanted to try, so she did that while David and I chuckled at her. Then while she was working on it, David suggested we eat supper at the place there, the cafe in the Crypt. I ate the onion soup, a roll, and great bread pudding. They also were selling tickets to a concert that evening in the sanctuary. We're going back tomorrow, New Years Day, to another concert. Dezi says she knows all the pieces they're playing but promises not to sing along.

We didn't go to Hampton Court when we talked about it and it's not because she had threatened to sing the Henry the Eighth song there. Last night she was dancing in the subway station, talking about seeing Big Ben, Parliament, walking across the Thames, (I was worried my hat would blow off. I expected David was worried his wife would.)

Today we went to church at Westminster Abby, martins sung by a choir from Australia. It was awesome. Then the British Museum, cream tea and scones at Munchkins, and we're at Picadilly Circus looking for a place to stay in from the rain until they do the fireworks or call it off.

The weather has been considerably warmer than when Mike and I were here in March of 2003, but it's drizzled at least some most days, though the weather has been good. Most of the UK had bad enough weather today that Liverpool called off their fireworks this morning and they were expecting winds that would be rough in Texas!

We're having a wonderful time. It's really raining out there. Maybe we should just pay for a few more hours here. It's just 6 PM and midnight's a long time away out there in the rain. Then again, we may just hop aboard a double-decker bus--any bus--and go where it takes us, knowing the same bus going on the other side of the street brings us back here to where we can find the tube station.

Have a wonderful 2007. You've still got 12 hours of 2006 left, and I hope you have a great time with those as well.

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