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Friday, December 08, 2006

A Poem Offered for Soldiers' Use

The assignment in our poetry group was to write a poem using the word "olive." The poem that came to me was almost fully formed from first thought. I've never served in the military nor have my sons. I greatly appreciate the sacrifice and service of our volunteer military. I hope I've not stepped on toes by putting myself in the place of such a person, but if you can use this poem as an expression of your own feelings during this difficult month, do so with my blessings.
          A GI’s Gift

Olive drab is basic pain,
endless hikes in drizzling rain.
Camo tan is Army chic,
matching clothes for hide and seek.
Blue is Christmas TDY,
raucous joy so I won’t cry.
Red courage stains on desert sands,
youth drained out in arid lands,
white-knuckled fear to paralyze
this PFC with opened eyes.
That’s the gift I give to you,
camo, drab, red, white, and blue.

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