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Thursday, December 28, 2006

When I got up this morning, it was yesterday in Abilene. Now it's 3:14 P.M. in London and I'm about ready for bed. No, I'm past ready for bed. It just seems like when the sun goes down sometime around four, you need to stay up until the sun goes down before going to bed.

David ( and Dezi ( and I are here, unfortunately without Mike who's been fighting the miserables for a while and decided sitting on a plane that long then being miserable in a motel room didn't sound doable.

We had tail winds of 125 and more some of the time, lots of the time, during the trip. We left early and got here early, but we took care of that with the long line for passport checks then the fact Gatwick didn't have the normal trains running to the Tower Station nor did they have frequent trains to Victoria Station. They had one train this afternoon, and busses. We bussed, and then we did two different subways with numerous steps, and the mess at Gatwick was far less than fun, reminiscent of the trip Mike and I made in June of 2003 as far as organization.

The hotel is fine, relatively close to the rather obscure Angel tube station. I haven't walked it yet from King's Crossing to see how far that one is. The kids (D&D, who really of course aren't kids) were going to the Museum of London while I went to Piccadilly to pick up the London Passes for tomorrow. Not much has happened, but we're having a great time. We had burritos at DFW and Indian food here, two lunches in a very long day.

Enough. This will have more news tomorrow.

(For those of you who knew it was an issue, my arm is working adequately and all is well.)

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