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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back Home!

I thought I'd finish the postings, this one from Abilene.

I arrived home about seven last night. I've always been amazed Mike could drive 200 miles after we fly in from Europe. This time, though, landing so early in the afternoon, I felt like I could without going to sleep and had no problem at all in doing so. I found Mike much improved, though his mother had a heart attack and is hospitalized here in Abilene. He was missed, but he was needed here at the same time.

The Blue Man Group concert contributed the perfect climax to a great trip. To quote David, who felt it necessary to educate me about the experience we were to have, "Think Mannheim Steamroller, but cool!" To give you an idea of the tone of the concert, the marquee before suggested, "Please take a moment to turn off all mobile phones, pagers, gameboys, Palm Pilots, Skyliner Wands, laptops, or portable fax machines." After the show, we got a picture of one of the blue men with David and Dezi. Then David got his autograph: a blue stamped handprint from all the paint they use, causing the first rows to need plastic covers. They weren't just near the first rows, though. We were in the middle of the third row from the back on the top balcony, and at one point one of the men was in the chair beside me!

Before the show, I had the need to search out a favorite treat of Mike's, Digestive Biscuits. In doing that, I realized there were not one but TWO internet cafes very convenient to our hotel I hadn't found. Oh, woe is me! Would that the young man working the desk that first night had been able to give me the right answer, my trip would have been the best possible (and except for Mike's not being there.)

Pictures will be posted on the website if not tonight then tomorrow.

Thanks for going with me.

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