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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Last day in London

It's already at the end. We've had a great time, though. This morning we slept late, accidentally [as opposed to yesterday when we slept in on purpose.] We got up about nine, were surprised to find the breakfast available in the hotel. Actually they allowed everybody to have the 'full English breakfast' as opposed to the continental breakfast we normally have. David and I are convinced the reason for that is they were out of a bunch of the stuff on the continental side. Still, it was a nice change. We took the tube one station over to the Old Street station and went through the Wesley chapel, museum, etc. I had missed seeing the simple foundry chapel last time I was here, and it was nice to see that, and the whole visit was quite pleasant. Then we went to the London Bridge stop and I got our British rail tickets for 6:50 tomorrow morning. Ouch. If you're curious about the lack of some keystrokes that might be expected, the top row, the numbers and symbols above them, don't work on this keyboard, though the keypad works. Strange.

Dezi needed to do some shopping, so that's what they're off doing. We'll meet back in time to go to a show tonight. All the big ones and most of the lesser ones seem to be sold out all week. We had several choices, but David's choice was the blue face group. They even know songs the groups has done. I know only that they did IBM commercials several years ago. I'll learn more about them tonight. Mike and I had seen 'We Will Rock Them' and that's what I was going to chose again. A generation gap is evident.

Let's see. I last wrote Sunday afternoon I believe. It reads as posted at 12:30 but that's Texas time. It actually was done British time six hours later. After that we went back to the hotel because we didn't want to wander around in this area for another six hours. David said he wasn't sure we were going to get out again, but Dezi knew she would want supper. [David had eaten a sandwich and Dezi bought an eclaire right after we finished at the Internet that time.] When she called me, a little after 8, we went out. We looked around the hotel for food, decided since she didn't intend to come back to the room until after midnight and David seemed to be down for the night, we'd head toward Knightsbridge so Dezi could see Harrods. It was closed, but the lit building still was very impressive. We still didn't find anything to eat, though, so we went to the center of activity in the Picadilly area. There everywhere selling food had long lines, and the places that didn't required reservations which we didn't have. We finally found a Greek restaurant that would feed us, if we ordered from the list of specials only. Since two of them were vegetarian and about nine were not, Dezi and I were both happy. I got a chicken ,m---za something dish. Dezi is more likely to be able to remember who it was spelled. It was served in a clay pot in which I think it was baked and had chicken, tomatoes, onions, green olives, almonds, and plums and tasted wonderful. We finished eating about eleven. The Bobbies were arriving by the van load, standing usually in groups of six or so, never in less than pairs. The crowd was raucous and happy, but we saw nothing to disturb us. Two boys we met on the subway today from Florida said they had seen a bus pass by with about ten people on the top of the doubledecker bus pounding on one guy slumped over. They had flown in that day, done sightseeing, then gone out for the party, but they got worried and left the area too. We started toward the hotel. The first two tube stations we came to, they were letting people out of the station, but not in. The third we didn't see a way to get in, but a Bobbie told us how to, and we did. It was the one closest to the British Musseum, Tottenham Square? We could have walked to the hotel from there in about as much time as we'd been walking. But we took two tubes and got to the Angel station, our station, right at midnight, getting out of the car before the young man popped the top of the champaign or some substitute he expected to spew all over the car. On the escalator going up, I think on the down one there was a man with strategic parts unclothed, and a woman about six steps lower turned around to take his picture. As we walked I asked one of the Bobbies, 'How bad does this get?' and he just grinned. I would have liked to have seen it but from a balcony looking down, not from the midst of it.

Yesterday we went shopping, had tea and scones again, this time at the Crypt cafe. We couldn't get tickets for the performance there. We should have done that earlier. Lesson learned. We walked to Buckingham palace then to Victoria Station, and rode home. The kids got out again last night but I was content to watch a Monty Python special and feel like I was in England.

We leave the hotel before 6:30 tomorrow. The next time I write will be from Texas. Thanks.

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