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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Looky, looky!

I love the Monk TV series. I love the episode where Monk becomes a girls basketball team coach and realizes he may achieve his first ever trophy, a trophy he yearned for since his mother had a mantle cleared for the nonexistent prizes. I remembered it last night when I realized the Area 13 Toastmasters contest awarded trophies. I had a strong chance mathematically to win, and I was hopeful. But when Beverley called my name and said I'd won first place in the International Speech contest, I was jubilant.

My only concern was a part of my speech I really didn't know how to deal with. I've joined a 12-step program, and a basic underlying principle is anonymity. If I were to continue to win, I certainly didn't want the fact I mentioned the program in my speech entitled "Resentment" to violate the terms of that other program. I talked it over with others today, and I've learned I can modify the speech to simply talk about "a" 12-step program rather than the particular one in which I'm joyfully participating. Ask me, though.

Thanks for reading.

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