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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Change Continues

We suffered a loss last Friday when Tia, our beloved Chihuahua, lost a battle with kidney failure. My husband's alter-ego, she'll never be replaced but always remain in our hearts.

Mike had begun to think that perhaps in the future he might find another white female Chihuahua who could fill some of the gaping hole left behind. LukeNeither of us, though, expected what happened yesterday. An ad for the Humane Society caught Mike's attention, and he had to go check it out. He came home with Luke. Luke's ears are longer than Tia's, his coat is a light tan rather than an off white, and he has different genitalia. He's not as keen about eating people food, has a greater tolerance for sharing the lap with a laptop computer, and doesn't understand our words yet. But he likes laps, he understands sleeping in beds, and this morning when I tried to take him out, he refused, going willingly when Mike took the leash. Bugsy is curious but not terribly aggressive. Gus doesn't care. Luke growls at Bugsy but doesn't have him as cowed as Tia did.

We still miss Tia desperately.

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