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Friday, June 08, 2007

I'm back!

At least my sister Carol knows I haven't been blogging. Thanks, Seester!

So, where do I start to catch up on life as I know it?

  • Ten years ago on Wednesday my life changed dramatically. June 6, 1997. My D-Day. It didn't seem a terribly auspicious day. In fact, it seemed pretty much a terrible day. My father was recently home from seven weeks hospitalized for Adult Respiratory Destress Syndrome. My son David, home from A&M, had not seen him and we went to visit. A pillar of my life, Daddy was having panic attacks. At home, I'd left a volitile situation ready to explode. So I exploded. I severed my rotator cuff in one easy, gentle motion. Gee! How, then was it an auspicious day? Because I started taking care of myself that day and in the weeks, months, and years since I've grown in self-understand and in self-resepct.
  • I've almost completed six months on the last and best leg of that self discovery. On June 17 I will have been abstinent from overeating six months. Amazing! I have not taken and unthinking bite, and I've reported my bites not perfectly but close to it to my food buddy. The scales 6 months ago said 253. This morning they said 219.5. I can't remember any time since law school the numbers were lower than that. I graduated from law school in 1978.
  • You wanna know the book you really need to read? It's A New Pair of Glasses by Chuck C. Here's a link.
  • I told you about the Toastmasters contest. I didn't win. I did, however, lose well, and that was a great vitory for me. Next year, I'm ready for the victory of winning, though.
I guess I've shocked you enough for now. I promise to post again in the foreseeable future. Thanks for reading.

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