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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Time Passes

Suddenly my posts seem to be the passage of dogs. Of course you might want to point out I've not been too faithful about blogging lately, either. We lost another dog on Monday. Gus came to live with us in 2003, and he's been the old man of the house since then. Yet old as he might have been, up until the very last he would have dodged out any open door and explored the neighborhood. Mike had told him long ago if he could find a better deal, to take it, that Mike was tired of chasing him. He did come back, and at the end the length of his sojourns decreased in length and perhaps in number--though that could be because we got better about controlling the door. He's missed.

On a happier though related note, I've had the fascinating chance lately to see a life cycle in flash mode. We seldom have enough moisture to have mushrooms, but this year's the exception. Texas is officially out of drought conditions! Here's a series of pictures on three days from the first time we saw the mushrooms. These were a while ago, but this morning I found another round starting, and I'm delighted.

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