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Friday, March 14, 2008

after wading in the Mediterranean

I was blown away by actually having my feet in the water where Paul got shipwrecked, where ... Well, where the history of the world happened. Wow.

And speaking of wow, we went to Rondo this morning, and it was awesome. I kept thinking of Jeffrey as Jaime was taking that bus from 100 feet from the Mediterranean up to a height of 12000 feet. Luis, the guide, said he was amazed--and Jaime said it was nothing, that ten years ago it was really tough. Gee¿¡ I can´t get the right-side up one to work. Rondo has been occupied since caveman times, including a Roman fort and a Moorish one, protected by one heck of a cliff¡ The first bullring also is in Rondo, and we saw it and wandered through the museum, but the architectural feat of building that kind of structures in that environment so many years ago really impressed me much more. That, and God´s grandeur in making the cliff in the first place and that mountain range we drove through.

The Alhambra, yesterday, of course was awesome as well. You can tell I´m at a cheap place for Internet use, one with a weird keyboard and I´m not mastering it very well, at all. I understand the hotel where we´ll be tomorrow and the next night has free wi-fi, but the one where we were last night and tonight want a euro for 12 minutes. This place gives you an hour for that and a keyboard to make the two basically competitive.

So, the report tomorrow, after having seen Gibraltar, will be more inclusive, both about the last two days as well as about tomorrow.

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