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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

From Madrid, Spain

We reached Madrid airport sometime near  eleven, somewhat after, and an hour later than the planned 10:15. Linda Jones and I are traveling together and in a few minutes will go downstairs to meet the rest of the tour group. It's almost 6 here, almost noon in Texas. The airport is modernistic to the hilt, but also "green" in that we walked a LONG way up a ramp then rode walkways a good ways, then had an escalator down after having our passports stamped. But inside and out it looks like this picture. I wanted to snap a picture when I saw it from the outside but missed--maybe on Easter Sunday when we start back, I'll get that chance.

We're staying in the El Prado Hotel, and it's totally acceptable. Of course the wireless internet improves my opinion of the place! I slept through breakfast on the airplane so I was ready for lunch, and we found a place where the locals wandered in after we did--something around 2:30 or 3. The food was acceptable and the people very accommodating. Tomorrow we leave for Toledo early, coming back the last two nights to do our Madrid sightseeing. We'll spend the night tomorrow night in Granada. Other stops of call will be Costa del Sol, Gibraltar, a drive up Costa de la Luz, Seville, Evora Portugal, Lisbon, Oporto, back to Spain at Salmanca, then back to Madrid.

At least maybe I'll get some of my Spanish back. Right now, it's a challenge. They don't talk slowly enough, and they respond to my Spanish in English. How could they guess?

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