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Sunday, March 16, 2008

From Seville

Today we went to see the city sights, most of which we'd seen last night in the dark. The grandest sight was the Casa de Pilatos, a variance for our tour since the Cathedral was closed to tours today. It's a marvelous place built by a family holding something like 50 titles, built right around the last decade of the 15th century and the first of the 16th. There's a statue of Venus (I think) there with all her fingers, arms, and hands and nose, rare, because it was kept in the vatican before being given to the family. It certainly is a magnificent place. Okay, on looking at her, she's not Venus. Maybe--oh, who's that woman warrior? My brain is as much mush as my feet are tonight.

Next we went to the Santa Cruz district of the city, ironically the old Jewish section. We wandered through the narrow streets, bought souvenirs, and were entertained by a guitarist who came with us. We saw the cathedral and discussed the parade routes and ways to experience the Palm Sunday events this afternoon.  

We went from that to driving by other places, then got out at Italica, the city where they've been mining for something approaching 3000 years and still at it. The city had a colosseum for 26,000 making the population  of the city about 250,000 in the time of Hadian, the first century.

Linda and I ate little tiny sandwiches for lunch, then she came inside to wash her hair and such, and I took off for the Holy Week processions. They were awesome. I had trouble getting back, but for once it wasn't for lack of knowing where I needed to be, just how to get through the massive crowds! 

I owe a longer report, but it's not in me. Mañana!

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