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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Good evening

Jeffrey fixed my blog settings a couple of weeks ago so I could post again after getting the website moved to a different server and having a few tidbits--including blogger settings--that I couldn't figure out. I intended, of course, immediately to get back to blogging but failed to do so. I've been busy, but not so busy I couldn't have blogged. I apologize.

I will make up for it. In less than 10 hours I'm leaving the house, on my way to Spain and Portugal. I'll be posting from there when I find Internet connections, so maybe I'll make up for the dearth of information.

Information that might be of note since I last posted much:
  • I'm wearing a size 14, and they're getting plenty big. I weighed 188.4 last Wednesday.
  • Our anthology, Silver Boomers is on the verge of publication. Unfortunately, I won't see the finished product until I return from Europe, but the world will. I've seen the proof, though, (before we made some last changes) and it's a wondrous book, even if the margins are smaller than we had planned. The sequel has marvelous submissions, so many we're working on a name for the third boo which will follow shortly, perhaps with just the submissions we get for Freckles to Wrinkles.
  • But the third book from Silver Boomer Books will be a coffee table book about hand made spurs filled with delightful cowboy stories about the man featured, Walt Rambo. It took us about 9 submissions to get the cover and the book block accepted for the text only book, so hey, why not take on something REALLY tough? I've been working on it hard for over a month, and I'm ready to start all over one more time.
  • I took a trip to Portland where I met face to face a good friend of mine, one I'd come to love through the glories of email. 
  • I'm doing well. But I better go to bed.
From Spain, next post. And lots sooner!

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