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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'll get something in here in August!

Where has the summer gone! Geesh! It does seem appropriate for me to post without a brand new book to plug. My summer has been busy and productive, and I do expect to have plenty of new books to brag about before the end of the year, but not right now. The other books coming soon from Silver Boomer Books include This Path, and anthology in the style of Silver Boomers and Freckles to Wrinkles; a book of magic realism stories by Becky Haigler that I'm having a wonderful time reading, and I expect you will as well; a book of Notes of Hope entitled Slender Steps to Sanity waiting permission to quote from an outside organization and otherwise in the last stages of sending out the "chip of a book" on the world's "oceans" - it's done by an anonymous author writing as OAStepper. We're working on Ginny Greene's delightful book of essays an poems on learning the ins and outs of a farm, including learning how to deal with goats who climb roofs, chickens who choose not to cooperate, and other such critters, and my book of verse responding the Ecclesiastes is back in active preparation again. See? Busy summer.

Jeffrey and DesireƩe both started new jobs a week ago, Dezi at two elementary schools in Denton, Texas, as a diagnostician, and Jeffrey as Database Coordinator for the College of Education at Grand Valley State University. David is plugging along, keeping long hours and still most of the time enjoying playing with his pixels, and Samantha's doing okay, manning the kitchen for two families with picky eaters, and getting appreciation and approval from them!

I would prefer to sit here, but I've got a dentist appointment for a root canal in 20 minutes, and sitting here won't get me through the mess. At times like these I always bear in mind the wisdom of my old law mentor Bryan Bradbury, "Sometimes the best way out is through." So I'm through.

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