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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Housekeeping and Deciding

I promised a few days ago when I was trying to set up a blog for the site I'm come back and do something more than test my ability to blog by mail. So I've returned. The AWG site issue was my trying to structure my life, going different directions. A few years ago I boasted of keeping websites for something like five individuals and about that many non-profits. Now I'd just as soon not do any, though I'll keep some. But obviously this blog has been ignored and has no function other than enabling me to be humbled -- and humiliated -- by realizing how long ago I updated it. So there seem to be two options: revise the Sharpwriters site to delete the blog, or use it. I have chosen the second. For now. We'll see.

Life is good. It's not so exciting I need to blog about it here often. But it's good. Last week we turned out three new books. Now, if Silver Boomer Books was a huge publisher, that might not be a big deal. But when they numbers six, seven, and eight, that's rather impressive. Along with book five which we got the last couple of days of August, that makes four in a month, doubling the inventory. They are: 
  • Poetry Floats, New and selected Philosophy-lite by Jim Wilson. Jim's a veterinarian, and this is his fifty poetry book, so it was absolutely appropriate it also is our fifth book. It was the first book with our poetry and fiction imprint, Laughing Cactus Press. Jim's poetry is neat. Glenn Droomgoole in reviewing it says he's a fan of Jim's poetry "which by the way rarely deals with animals, except the human species."
  • Bluebonnets, Boots and Buffalo Bones by Sheryl L. Nelms also serves up down-to-earth poetry, this distinctly and dramatically the West Texas variety. Sheryl writes of such things as killing the rooster, grandma solving a problem with gypsies coming for handouts by giving them fermented dill pickles ("they went away happy / never came back / she said"), and a Texas ice storm that gritches around like a hundred hands squeezing cellophane. Sheryl's book is also from Laughing Cactus Press.
  • This Path is our third anthology, following the path begun with Silver Boomers, a collection of prose and poetry by and about baby boomers and Freckles to Wrinkles. The path is Somewhere between the dream life predicted in our high school yearbooks and now, lies the Path we actually walked: This Path. The back cover explains:
    These pages mark the trails stamped out and the journey imprinted upon those who write from around the country and a few places beyond.
    This path continues two traditions begun in the first two anthologies, the crawl line (continuous text at the bottom of the page, with quotations on the subject of the anthology) and a quartet poem at the end. To give you an idea of a quartet poem, here's a chat I had with a fellow editor recently:
me: Okay. But I may not want to give it up. We'll see.
 Karen: hmmm?
 me: I've been busy. Hadn't seen your message about your graphic designer friend.
 Karen: oh.
  that was hours ago
  it's just another person to file into our resources pile
12:55 PM me: I've been busy. Silly busy, but really really busy.
 Karen: I just tore up all the carpet in the kids bathroom.
  tile underneath it
  tore that up to
  going to do our bathroom sink area in a few
 me: you don't have to get that mad....
 Karen: had to take a break and eat something
 me: understood
12:56 PM Karen: ha ha
 me: yeah
 Karen: I've been going to do it for a long time
 me: I was looking to see how becky put our books on her page in linkedIn. and I was looking at the aps, and I decided I could do a quick PowerPoint program to introduce SBB. It's not quick.
 Karen: our stupid fridge leaked a few days ago and the water ran under all the cupboards and soaked the carpets in the bathroom - so now it's time
12:57 PM me: and you're shocked I wouldn't just throw something up there.
 Karen: but it's also making my allergies worse
 me: yeah
12:58 PM Karen: eventually we will tear up ALL the carpet in the house
 me: this chat box is a pretty good quartet poem, duet type.
 Karen: it's just a very slow and long process
  • Song of County Roads by Ginny Greene is our eight book and my all-time-favorite book until I get another that takes its place. Ginny says it's the story of her long road to becoming a country girl. I say it's precious. The back cover says, "Do you have music in you not yet sung? This recombined family took their city tune and rearranged it in a rural setting. To their daily amazement it was no simple melody. Their music composed a symphony of life: Song of County Roads."
So. That's where I've been. I think I'm going to use this not just to talk about my life (present tense) but to look back at my life (past tense) and to use this for a drafting board for my parts in the books we're doing next including one on Grandmas and Grandpas, one on recipes and family memories, and one on early reading experiences that led to a lifetime of books. (See calls for submission for the last two on the Silver Boomer Books website.)

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