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Monday, October 05, 2009


Why do you get publicity when you don't want it? Why can't I get the kind I want?
The kind I want is the blatant advertising like I put on this blog last. I'd love toget the word out about our books and publishing company. And we're getting there. In the process, I now have a presence on facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn. I don't quite know what to do with them, but I'm learning, including actually having an ad on facebook right now thta I'm pretty excited about. It's been running since the 25th and has had 25,741 times it was shown and 48 times it was clicked on taking them to the call for submissions for Eagle Wings Press, and we've gotten some pretty good submissions during that time. It's exciting. So. That's good publicity.
And bad? I decided not to run for reelection, a decision that had to be made public by the end of the deadline for filing for the office, December 3, 2009 through January 4, 2010. The primary election is in March, the general election in November, and the end of the term December 31, 2010. But to be fair to the lawyers wanting to run for it, I had to say earlier that I'm not running for reelection, so that of course got picked up by the media and in the newspaper and on TV, and everybody knows. And everybody feels the need to comment on it. And I want them to forget about it for at least a year. And they won't. But, in talking about not running, I keep trying to get information out about my plans to work fulltime with the publishing company. And that keeps getting ignored by the press. Except for the newspaper that said I was going to work with the family publishing company. Oh well, all publicity is good publicity? But that's the subject of this diatribe.
I heard a case on Friday. When it had previously been set, I heard announced on the TV the night before that the dog, the subject of the cruelty to animals suit, would be in my courtroom for the hearing. I was displeased. The hearing that day was postponed for other reasons. I had informed security they were not to allow a dog into the courthouse, and I told the courtoom crowd that day that I controlled the courtroom, not the news media or anybody else, and there would be NO dogs in my courtroom when evidence could be presented in any other way, such as a video or pictures. Well, no attempt was made to bring the dog this time. We did have an audience for the non-jury trial. But there was nothing in the paper, and if there was TV coverage, I didn't see it. I don't mind the media. But I don't seek them out. Except when I do.

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