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Saturday, July 31, 2010

FROM THE PORCH SWING - memories of our grandparents

July has been an absolutely delightful month for me. Early this month we published our fourth anthology from Silver Boomer books,
From the Porch Swing - memories of our grandparents. The response has been overwhelming. One lawyer, Claudia Clinton, bought her fifth and sixth copy of it yesterday and had me autograph one of them for her so she could keep it! Evidently it's made a hit with her relatives. Thanks, Claudia.

And thanks to our wonderful authors - 107 of them from all over the world. Well, maybe not literally. Only South Africa, Hungary, England, Ireland, Canada, and lots of states. Look at our Silver Boomer Books facebook page for all the neat reactions.

I'll be doing a review of the book and talking about its creation and creators at the Abilene Rotary Club Friday, August 6, 2010. If you'd like to come, please do - just tell the ticket taker that you're my guest.

Besides "Porch" as we fondly call this book, we've got more in the making. Within a month we'll have Survived to Love by Ed H, an alcoholic clean and sober in A.A. more than 33 years who's also a survivor of throat cancer and evacuated in the nick of time before Katrina wiped out his Gulfport, Mississippi, neighborhood. Additionally, by the end of August we'll have Three Thousand Doors, a book anyone who's ever struggled with the ultimate questions of life will find reflected in the poetry. The description of the book by the author is:
Life is about opening doors and closing doors - walking through and knowing when to stay put.
Sometimes, life presents you with so many opportunities the toughest decision is choosing which door to walk through.
and every opportunity, every door, leads to hundreds more.

Why do I write? because I have to...
Writing calms the violent seas of my soul,
brings balance and serenity to my busy brain,
slows down my thoughts
and allows me to take raw emotions and make them cohesive.

Writing is my punching bag,
sounding board,
writing is my meditation.
I'd tell you who the author is, but I keep asking Karen Greene, aka Kerin Riley-Bishop, who she is when she's writing this one! I do know it's well worth reading, whoever the "mystery" poet is.

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