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Sunday, July 04, 2010

God Bless America!

Allert Heymans Roosa with Wintie and eight offspring sailed to New Amsterdam in 1660, then faced abduction by indigenous tribes, unjust taxation, and housing of British soldiers in their Ulster County home.

Charles Breedlove served as a Revolutionary War soldier from Caswell County, North Carolina. From the land grant he received for his service, he later gave 28 acres in what's now Shelby County, North Carolina, for a Baptist church.

Joseph Loving, mortally wounded at the battle for Washington in the War of 1812, died at his home in Lovingston, Virginia. Then his wife raised their children to be physicians, a general, a minister, and daughters who passed the leadership and love to later generations.

John Thomas Spence fought in the Civil War, lived to come home and die in 1967 of cholera at Lynchburg on Galveston Bay. Family legend proclaims his son Rapherd (I believe Rhapherd) to have been born in what's now Erath County at Fort Stephens during an Indian attack. (I know, the history of Stephenville doesn't include a Fort Stephens, but they did suffer from a decimation of half their population from Comanche raids.)

My grandfather said, "Grandpa went with Taylor to Mexico during The Mexican War, but he made no big splash. I leaned to ride in his old military saddle." That would have been Simpson Breedlove, or perhaps his step-grandfather, W. H. Whitworth, born and educated in England.

Granddaddy didn't fight in World War I - he went to Virginia and used his metal-working abilities to build ships.

Daddy started World War II as a Second Lieutenant and came home from North Africa and then the China/Burma/India theater as a Lieutenant Colonel.

My uncle Joe Holt Anderson cheated to join the Army, then, when they discovered how bad his eyesight was (not revealed earlier since he'd memorized the eye chart) they shipped him home from Korea when he broke his glasses.

My nephew Glenn Wayne Tole defends us today in the Air Force.

We have been given the gift of freedom. Thank you, all past and present. Thank God. Give us the wisdom to preserve the give we've received. God Bless America.

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