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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

From Silver Boomer Books' Office!

It's great fun here, though occasionally I get to the wondering what to do next. But the bulletin board helps. And the big screen computer? WOW!!!! It's as huge as the keyboard is tiny, but I'm getting the hangof them. I met yesterday with Terri Lindsay and Chris Glasgow who are going to help with Silver Boomer Books on those areas where we're weakest - marketing and keeping up with the numbers.
Let's see. Today I've written a letter to the AWG Board, worked with a couple of vendors whose software I'm having some issues with, blogged this and another place, updated the Facebook page for Silver Boomer Books, worked on a speech for Toastmasters tomorrow, downloaded a program to find all my duplicate files and worked on figuring it out, put up some genealogy information, checked off some of the stuff on the "to do" list on the bulletin board, and drunk most of a pot of coffee. I will spend the rest of the day doing:
  1. Get a piece of hardwood to fix the door to the pantry.
  2. Convert some mp4 files to mp3 and get them on the Internet, then change the website to reflect that.
  3. And I promise. I'll pull out a file for the judges books and spend at least a minute on it. I'll break that ice. I promise. I promise myself.

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