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Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year, New Life

Today began my second week as a full-time writer, editor, publisher, graphic artist, keeper of the premises for Silver Boomer Books' first physical office. It's been a grand journey. For years I've joked I don't change jobs, I switch careers. I stayed longer as Judge of County Court at Law #2 of Taylor County, Texas, than any of my other jobs, but now I've moved on. I'm a retired judge, a visiting judge - but a mainly I'm a writer. It feels good. Now the progression looks like this:
  • 1959 through 1965, unpaid part-time help at the Hardeman County Public Library
  • 1965-1967, student work program, McMurry College Jay-Rollins Library
  • 1967-1969, student work program, McMurry College Spanish Department
  • 1968, summer youth director, Phillips United Methodist Church, Phillips, Texas
  • 1969, summer youth director, First United Methodist Church, Snyder, Texas
  • 1969-1970, 7th and 8th grade Spanish and English teacher, Brownfield Middle School, Brownfield, Texas
  • 1972-1974, Director of Christian Education, Matthew Memorial United Methodist Church (Now University UMC), Fort Worth, Texas
  • 1974, typesetter, a Church of Christ publishing company in Wichita Falls. Anybody know the name?
  • 1974-1976, legal secretary, Niemann and Niemann Law Firm, Austin, Texas
  • 1976-1978, clerk in Niemann & Niemann, Executive Director, Texas Optometric Political Action Committee
  • 1979-1988, attorney, Bradbury & Tippen Law Firm, then Bradbury, Tippen & Rollins; Bradbury, Tippen, Rollins & Adkins; Bradbury, Tippen, Rollins, Adkins & Hamilton; then solo practice.
  • 1995-2010, part-time writer
  • 1988-2010, judge, County Court at Law #2, Taylor County Texas
  • 2006-2010, part-time editor, publisher, writer
  • 2011, full-time editor, publisher, and writer, part-time visiting judge
And now, I do intend to regularly blog. But I've said that before. Just watch and see. And thanks for being there, for your part in this grand parade of careers.

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