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Friday, February 11, 2011

Remaking the Elephant

I'd rather remake a wheel, I think. The elephant has been tough. I'm starting this as the elephant saves on one computer so I can open it in another computer, put it into a cover, then send the cover for printing.

At this point, a good while later, the cover's finally uploading to complete the book, our fourteenth, White Elephants - a memoir. You may have seen that I said before, on Facebook, that it was uploaded. Well, the argument today was a difference in .017 inch width in the spine.Evidently I'd used an old template to do the cover, before we added a few more pages. That measure says 17/1000 of an inch. My mind doesn't wrap around that kind of distinction.

My remaking the cover by that much larger today involved a comedy of errors, including doing all the work and telling the computer to make it into the high-density pdf file (1a:2001), then saying it was okay to update the pictures - but that meant it lost the pictures I thought I was using, put in totally unacceptable ones, and - since I had failed to save first - I started over. I ended up with so many layers of attempts that I started all over from scratch one more time. I couldn't find the scratch to start over with, knew it was on
an external hard drive and couldn't find that. I looked in drawers, found another external drive I've been looking for, but was surprised this one was so hard to find. I checked every drawer in the office. Finally I found it. Right before my eyes. (Circled in red)

Anyway, there were a few more issues, it took half a day to do something that should have really been simple since I'd already done it, but it's done and the actual file is (The "perfect" is not my impression of my work but a description of the type binding, incidentally.) One that doesn't take that long to download is this:
I'm excited about the book. I can't wait for you to see it. Heck, I can't wait until I see it, and now that won't be too much longer! To read more about White Elephants, check here.

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