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Monday, February 07, 2011

SNOW and then COLD and then SNOW

What an amazing week. This is the first time since LAST Monday I've been in my office other than a couple of hours on Thursday (which was a stupid move - but then again, it's me). Wikipedia claims Abilene once (1983) had 202 continuous hours below freezing, which this didn't do. In fact, last Monday the high was 69 before the bottom fell out - down to 27 that night which felt really warm the rest of the week. After lows of 10, 6, 9, and 14, we popped back up on Friday to a whooping high of 33, but Saturday? 54. Yesterday got up to 51 - before a covering-the-cars-quickly snow causing all my company to scurry home right after the Super Bowl halftime. And while I just walked in relative comfort several blocks, it's 39 degrees and not expected to climb much higher today. Tomorrow? Sixty they say - then 21 - and going down again. Would you believe I've got a deep cough and haven't gotten rid of it for a while?

Sister Carol reminded me on a Facebook post yesterday about the old story Daddy and the neighbor kept a car parked at the top of a hill in College Station, Texas, January of 1947, the winter I was born (a month late). The purpose was to be able to get a car started should one of their wives declare it time to get to the hospital for baby-delivery. Mother and Daddy said it was the coldest winter ever down there. College Station was cold last week - on Wednesday it got down to 19, but the high that day was 32, 31 on Thursday - and no precipitation.

Doug Williamson reported on cold weather stats for Abilene.

But there's one stat that just seems to stand out on the misery index. Abilene and Wylie schools and the Taylor County Courthouse were closed for four weekdays in a row! I was practicing law in 1983, and had a kindergartener, and those things DID NOT happen in 1983. The winter of 1898-1899 purported to be the coldest in Texas history? Maybe. I don't remember that far back.

And I can check off my list of things to do blogging on Sharpwriters for this week. Pardon me while I heat up the coffee. I'm cold just thinking about this.

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