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Tuesday, March 08, 2011


In support of Abilene Writers Guild I wrote a poem for the Members Only contest in February. I heartily recommend to all you writers and would-be writers out there you join AWG. Even for distance members, the benefits are well worth $25 a year.

I was fortunate enough to win first place (which pays for most of a year's dues.) I may publish it sometime, but it doesn't fit anything I'm contemplating publishing any time soon, so I decided to just share it here.


The hollow muscular organ
pumping blood
Courage, enthusiasm
The center, thoughts, emotions
Two curves over a V, red
With clubs, spades, diamonds
Poured out, empathy, compassion
Cabbage, artichoke center
After mine, sharing my passions
or close
Broken with sadness
Made of gold,
Placed right,
Made of stone
Having desire, being desire
Taken to,
with all one’s
Hardened —
Honesty, decency, passion
glacial, callous
At my core, my core shows through.

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