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Friday, June 10, 2011


David holding Jack Edward and Justin David beside Dezi
That's always meant Irma Lorene Richards Breedlove, born April 16, 1893, at Dublin, Texas. She died April 6, 1977, at Quanah, Texas, four months before my first son David was born. Now "Grandmom" means me. 

David and Dezi (Desirée) double-downed June 9th with Jack Edward Rollins and Justin David Rollins. Both are 17 inches long. Jack debuted at five pounds, three ounces. Justin at three pounds, fourteen ounces. Yesterday he broke that four pound mark, and we can get them together when he is more enthusiastic about eating naturally rather than the easier tube, but at this point Justin's in the NICU. They're both fine, as are David and Dezi. And Grandmom? That's still Irma. But it's me. That will take some time to assimilate. 

Jack Edward Rollins with Grandmom
I had been in Plano where the hospital is and Frisco where their house is since Monday, June 6, when David's world melted down. Dezi had been in the hospital a week, and after dog-sitting issues and an emergency run to the vet, then plumbing problems flooding David in the face, with issues to address at work, the desire to be with Dezi at the hospital while conserving days to be at home with new babies... with drama in general, David said if it was convenient he'd like to have me come, so I was there within hours and delighted. 

These modern parents are so neat. David set it up so Dezi had a computer (his, since hers balked) in her hospital room, and he sat in the office Skyped into the hospital room. He could see and hear what went on. Once the doctor came in and observed David didn't appear to be paying attention, what with his sitting there programming busily with headphones on. David turned and stuck his tongue out. Dr. Kaye reciprocated. Bad examples. The next time they ran a sonogram, Jack stuck his tongue out at the doctor. 

Justin David with grandfather who has not selected
a moniker and Grandmom
Well, we were getting along. I'd been at the house Wednesday morning when a repairman came to put up blinds on two large arched windows, then went to the hospital. As we visited, I got a phone call from a court administrator reminding me I was to be in court in Abilene as a visiting judge the next morning – about an hour before my calendar emailed me the same information. I finished up some errands, grocery shopping, etc., ate out with David, and left about 7:45 to drive to Abilene. I told David if I left they were going to come. I was kidding since Dezi didn't show any sign of that being imminent (other than being 35 weeks pregnant of course).

Pop and Grandmom with first great-grandchild,
Donna Ellen Tole Epps

So, I drove home, getting there after eleven. The next eight hours held some drama and not much sleep and David's call that a count had dropped below the acceptable level and they would take the babies at noon. I dressed, went to the courthouse and begged out of judging, lined up a kennel, went home to get the dogs, took the dogs but not the necessary medication for one, went back to the house and typed out instructions from my GPS as to how to get to the hospital without driving on toll roads (at Mike's request), got everything packed except the makeup bag from the bathroom, looked for my GPS I'd used to type the instructions, discussed with Mike going in my car with the toll tag, but he wanted the freedom not to stay as long as I would want to stay. I told him he could leave me there and come back. He chose for us to take two cars. I looked for the GPS again, and again, took the medicine and a dog toy to the kennel, and drove back to the Metromess, got bad lost without the GPS, and finally got to the hospital, walking in at the same time Mike did since he couldn't find one of the roads on the instructions with all the road construction. So. That was a rather sleepless couple of days. I slept well, bought some makeup, visited at the hospital and did other things, was there the first night Jack was home, visited Justin in the NICU and came home a week ago tomorrow. I'll go back soon for more lessons on what it is to be Grandmom!
Alma Ellen Anderson Breedlove (Mother)
and David at one week
Barbara and Mike
Pop and Grandmom
March 2, 1974

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At 7:55 PM , Blogger Heath Trivett said...

awesome pictures! wholesome!


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