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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gambling and Gamboling

Gun Lake Casino
This morning I left after the men but before the women and children got going in the house and headed to the nearby casino Jeffrey thought I'd most enjoy. He was right! It's a new casino, about 30 minutes away, large enough to be really enjoyable and quite personable. I pulled two bills from my stash before I went in - a hundred and a twenty - and after all day, winning in the morning, then a late lunch, then my luck having vanished, I left with $105. Not a bad $15 investment! I looked at the store and considered some mementoes but didn't end up bringing any of them with me. I thought I'd made my intentions clear, and Jeffrey knew where I was headed, buy I didn't leave a note for Sam and Rachel, and Sam called me after I'd already started home to confirm that was where I'd been.

Rachel and Zack fed old bagels to the ducks and geese.

Ben and I sat on a curb and watched.
Rachel fixed a good supper, then I asked if I could take Zack and Ben to see the ducks, and she came with me. (Austin had left to spend the night with a friend in Coopersville.) We walked down to the duck pond, and after I took some pictures of the duck feeding, I got Benout of the stroller, and he and I sat on a curb and watched, and I took some self portraits. The only one that got most of my face wasn't as good, but nobody but me cut me out.

Zack wanted to go to the playground, so we did. He found a friend about his age to slide and climb with, while Ben and I sat on a swing and watched. Then Zack was a big boy and figured out how to get us home. Hey, it was a way to get him willingly to come this direction!

While I ought to finish editing A Cloud of Witnesses, I'm going to watch a little television with the folks. There's time for editing later. Tomorrow, I'll explore more of Michigan, but I'll be sure to leave a note about where I think I'll go. Jeffrey recommends Holland. Sam doesn't, but her statement intrigues me more than Jeffrey's, so that's where I may well head!

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