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Friday, August 19, 2011


Sam as we left the Hume / Hartley homes in Muskegon
Sam accepted my invitation to join me today, and we had a great time. It took a while to decide where to go. We thought about a Civil War exhibit at the Grand Rapids Museum, and we knew the Gerald R. Ford Museum was next door. I considered hopping onto an Amtrak train, going where it went, and coming back. Sam thought they got stuck too often and for too long a time! She wasn't at all interested in that one. We considered some older homes in Grand Rapids, but they normally require a reservation, so we drove to Muskegon for some homes that are open on a regular schedule. It was well worth the trip, and it was good to spend the day with Sam.

When we got home, we went to a toy store to be prepared for the birthday party tomorrow. At the house, Ben was restless and he and I walked down to see the ducks. (Well, since Ben's less than five months old, I actually did the walking part, and he just rode.) We got home and went shopped some more for groceries for the party and other essentials. Then we watched a movie about being grown ups that wasn't very indicative of my understanding of being grown, but a fun movie nonetheless. And now it's almost tomorrow, so I guess I'll quit on today.

More pictures.

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